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Chance by Time

Time is the greatest luxury that everyone owns. However, it’s ironic to think that most of us depreciate its golden value. As we get older, we tend to define time only as a measurement of hours and minutes we spent from dusk until dawn. Or maybe it’s just a cycle of our daily routine either in school, work or even at home.

There are only 24 hours, and indeed, we can’t do everything within a day. We may be stressed out due to the never-ending projects and deadlines at school or at work but it doesn’t mean we cannot commit time to the things that we describe as our ‘everything’.

We only live once and the real struggle of every mankind in handling time is how to find ways in doing what’s important or what matters the most. Whenever we wake up every morning, it is essential for us to ask ourselves the significant questions such as, “Who am I working for?” and“Who am I living for?”

There is a huge difference of what we work for and what we live for. We should look beyond the eyes of the people we encounter every day. We could see stories from the people who we bumped into, especially during rush hour trip in a train station. Think about their stories like how they manage their selves in running, just to be at home before
dinner and hear the stories of their family member about what happened within their day. Amidst the Holiday vibes, it is important for us to reflect and think for a second that Christmas is about making TIME for our family and loved ones. It’s an inevitable opportunity for us to connect (and even reconnect) to the people whom we dedicate our work and life.

It’s the GREAT time!

Sometimes, simple gesture such as taking a photos and/or even selfies with your family is a GREAT way to spend quality time with them. Through this, captured moments filled with love and happiness can be treasured forever; that even time cannot fade away.

Imagine those images that you could use as an instrument to look back and relive those priceless moments. Those captured images are worth reminiscing especially when we are old and we wanted to pass those priceless moments to the next generation.

It’s the time of the year to pause and assess ourselves for a while. Cancel all your appointments and make quality time with your family. It’s the time to create moments that will be soon turned into worth reminiscing memories. It’s the chance given by our luxurious time.

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