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2018: GREAT Mysteries awaits

Every ending is really just a new beginning.

Time flies so fast and January is about to end. Maybe some of us have already checked a few
things on their bucket list. Meanwhile, others are too busy on creating and even spontaneously
revising their list of resolutions.

2018 is said to be a year full of mysteries. In fact, there will be a total lunar eclipse
(#SuperBloodBlueMoon) on January 31. As we woke up every morning, we face a vast of
mystery bigger than the moon.

Even if our lives do not depend on a piece of paper or in any moon & stars alignment, we are
free to make a bucket list and somehow base our fate to a natural phenomenon.

Most of us wanted fame, luxury and exploration. These things are the common human desires
that urge us to write a ‘to do list’. However, instead of focusing on enormous things, why not
appreciate on little ones by adding photo session in a photo-studio adding on your list.

To begin with, check our website (and other social media platforms) before visiting any Great
Image nationwide store. We have Great deal that awaits you. Our discounted online vouchers
may not be mysterious as the moon but we’re pretty sure that it has the same glorious
phenomenon. We also encourage our customers to have a walk-in visit to our stores nationwide
and fulfill your bucket list.

Feel rich and famous through our studio set-up by posing and projecting like a celebrity! You
could also explore and wander by bringing your family or loved-ones in our studios. Our
Collections does not just promote commercial photography industry; but rather on creating
memories without going from another distance or in any travel destination.

Indeed, the month is about to end, yet 2018 just got started. Watch out for our upcoming
promos and mysteries that will give you Greatness this year!

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