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#Gr8at: The Eight-Great Kinds of Love


LOVE encompasses a variety of feelings. Its complexity somehow formulates subjective meanings in the mind of every human being. In line with the composite emotion, below are the eight and great kinds of love that could somehow clear our confusion.

“Eros” or Passionate Love

Most akin to our modern construct of romantic love. In Greek myth, Cupid struck arrows to people, as Paris did with Helen, which led to Trojan War. Yet in Great Image, wars are over because life must always be filled with Love on any kind of relationship. Show passion to your life partner by having photo session with us; and celebrate the sparks of Cupid’s breached arrows.

“Philia” or Friendship Love

Shared goodwill is the hallmark of phillia, also known as friendship. Companionship, dependability and trust are its natural foundation. We might never noticed, yet these are the traits that we show as we tightly hug our friends and loved ones when you enjoy the photo session with us. Strengthen each other’s camaraderie as you say “L.O.V.E.” while smiling through our camera lenses.

“Storge” or Familiar Love

Love that flows between parents and their children, and children for their parents, is the kind of affection that is relatable. This kind of love starts from our homes. It is an emotion that fundamentally molds our behavior and character. Our nationwide studios were built to be every family’s second home. We believe that ‘storge’ should be preserved through the hanged family portraits in our walls at home.

“Ludus” or Playful Love

In Greek mythology, ludus is conjugated for playful or uncommitted love of the youth. However, we revised its original meaning and define it as the innocent love. Let your kids and children giggle as they pose in front of our photographers. Rest assured that we will capture their precious and playful smile!

“Mania” or Obsessive Love

In a positive belief, Mania means to love and rescue yourself as you suffer from low self-esteem. Boost your confidence as you project like a supermodel. Just a friendly reminder, try not to be blinded by our shining camera flashes and studio lights! We believe that the beauty of glamour starts once you embraced your imperfections and by knowing your self-worth.

“Pragma” or Enduring Love

Founded on reason and one’s long-term interests, pragma is a practical love usually established in old-aged couples. This love has matured and developed over time. Treat your Grandpa and Grandma to have photo session with us and rejoice for their endless love. Indeed, our Grandparents are the living proof that forever is certain.

“Philautia” or Self Love

In modern figure, philautia is the kind of love that represents one’s accomplishments and recognition. Your labor deserves Great rewards! Acknowledge your perseverance in studies as you let our photographers capture your academic milestone. Show your smile that represents the wisdom and knowledge you’ve gained over the past years!

“Agape” or Universal Love

Agape is the universal form of love coming from strangers, nature or God. Generally, it helps us to build and maintain our psychological, social, and environmental fabric.

In Great Image, we believe that agape is the most powerful kind of love. Despite of the world’s imperfection, this kind of love shields, sustains, and enriches us to choose Greatness and have trusting Faith in our daily lives.

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