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Five W’s for IWD

International Woman's Day 2018

When were young, we were taught about the Five W’s (such as What, When, Where, Why and Who). These basic W’s helped us to understand and even assess a certain fact. For over 100 years, we’ve been celebrating Women’s month, yet some are not familiar. For everyone’s awareness, here’s the five W’s that could help us understand the fight towards gender equality and sensitivity.


According to Daily Mail UK, in 1908, the streets of New York City were filled by almost 15,000 women from garment industry, who marched to demand shorter hours, better pay, and the right to vote. In history, the said strike which was honored by the Socialist Party of America was marked as the first International Women’s Day (IWD).


In 1911, other countries such as Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland began to celebrate IWD through street rallies. The celebration also evolved during the First World War, as women in Russia held a strike for ‘Bread & Peace’, which fell on March 8 of the Gregorian calendar in 1917. Prior to the protests, in 1975, United Nations (UN) recognized the IWD as a holiday.


For over a century, the world has been recognizing the celebration; which also marks a call for action towards gender parity. In the Philippine setting, Republic Act 6949 in 1990 declares March 08 as a National Women’s Day.


Last 2015, UN Women Report showed that despite women working longer hours than men; women still earn an average of 24% less than men do worldwide. The most frustrating part is that both paid & unpaid work was taken into consideration. This wage gap is by far the worst in South Asia, where women earn 33% less than men.

UN also reported that women spend one to three hours more on housework than men. It is two to 10 times the amount of time caring for children and the elderly; and one to four hours less per day on economic market  activities.

These facts are the main reason why women keep on fighting for their rights, respect and responsibilities. Protests from the history only show that women could stand up and salute!


An average of 22 out of 197 countries has women serving as heads of the states. Women such as Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton and Melinda Gates, indeed defied gravity.

Merkel, a German chancellor, was the longest-serving elected EU head of state and helped Greece revive its economy. Meanwhile, Clinton, a former first lady who became a US senator and ran for presidency under the Democratic Party, raised $9 million for her Political Action Committee. Lastly, Gates, wife of Bill Gates, is an American philanthropist and global developer gave $3.9 billion in their Gates Foundation through charity works.

Movements from the garment workers in New York, women in Russia and the contemporary advocates such as Merkel, Clinton, and Gates, must never be wasted. Aside from the basic W’s, letter ‘H’ or the word ‘How’ also helps us to continue the advocacies for gender parity!


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