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Blissful Package

Carrying a blessing in your belly is an infinite love that will bloom inside of your heart. Our Blissful collection is a great moment for you to feel an unforgettable experience in your whole life. Perfect to captured memories of you and your husband with the kids as well. A collection of Greatness will never end with a single joyous.

Tips for a great Blissful Package:

  • Be prepared to expose and show some skin. No worries, our professional photographers will make sure that you will feel safe and comfortable.
  • Heavy make-up tends to make people look older; light make-up is advised.
  • Bring a bandeau or a tube top that can be used to show off your tummy and cover your intimate parts.
  • Bring lace outfits, or clothes that can show your shoulders and the silhouette of your tummy.
  • For outfits, choose those that are in solid colors. Avoid prints or bold designs.
  • Have your husband / partner willing to join your pictorial. If you have kids, have them join too.